The Top Hardware You Need for Music Production

The top 5 essentials to get that music production started.


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October 23, 2023 |

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Are you willing to spend money and put effort into music-making? But, you’re confused about what equipment to get to let this dream of your work finally?

Music production can be a hefty load of work and may cost you a lot, but it can be one of the world’s most rewarding feelings. Well, don’t let the workload, equipment cost, or initial learning overwhelm you. Right now, I present to you the top 5 essentials to get that music production started.


To have access to digital audio workstations or software you need for mixing, recording, and composing, you most certainly need computer hardware. This is like the backbone of your whole setup. A good quality computer or even a laptop can get you far in your music production. 

Another good thing is it doesn’t even matter if you have Mac or Windows. Choose one that you’re most comfortable with. What you need to remember is to make sure your PC meets the recommended requirements to have a better workstation. Though this hardware may cost a lot ranging from $999 to $1399, it’ll be with you for a long time and will surely make your music production better.

Audio interface

This is the key purchase that will be at the heart of your recording chain. It is a small box that lets you connect your mics and instruments to and it converts the amazing sounds you are making into a digital signal to get it on your computer. To better conceptualize it, it’s like a bridge between traditional analog sounds and digital audio. 

Why do you need this? Because when handling live instrumentation, a proper audio interface is required to translate the acoustics’ nuance into a digital audio file. Also, this hardware will run you anywhere from $70 to $2000+, and they get more expensive with better preamps and additional input.

Studio recording microphone

To get your audio recordings done, you most certainly need a microphone. This specific type of microphone is created to capture sound and then subsequently convert it to a digital signal. Studio microphones are wired and fixed-in-position designed to capture audio in a studio environment. So, if you want to translate those skills into your digital compositions, a proper studio recording microphone is essential.

Depending on the music you’re making and your production style, you may either need just one or a variety of microphones. But, if you’re looking to buy only one, I recommend a large-diaphragm condenser mic. They are great for everything from vocals to guitars to drums. And there are a lot of microphones out there, ranging from $100 to $1000.

Studio headphones and monitors

Sure, there are several headphones out there for a lower price, but studio headphones are designed for professional work and have specific tunings to meet this goal. That is easily why studio headphones are part of your essentials. They also seek to output the least colored sounds possible for producers like you to mix your tracks as effectively as possible. So, how much do these cost? The top quality starts from $120 to $1300.

For producers who are just beginning, it is recommended to use headphones as the primary option. This is because studio monitors require substantial modifications to obtain clear sound, as their sounds are colored by factors including the shape of the speaker, the layout of the room they are sitting in, and much more. But, whenever you’re ready for this transition, you can always upgrade for some quality studio monitors. Also, they cost a little bit more than the studio headphones; they range from $200 to $1700.

MIDI controller

This is just as important as the digital audio workstation or software you’re working with. It helps you control the software better. MIDI, or Musical Instrument Digital Interface, is a universal technical standard that allows for communications between physical hardware and digital audio workstations. One of the most common forms of MIDI controllers is keyboard controllers, which mimic traditional piano keyboards’ look and feel. 

Although you can purchase keyboards if you know how to play one, grid controllers are a much more intuitive and inexpensive way to arrange beats and trigger samples. These launchpads allow for precise drum sequencing and live performance. Another great thing with this hardware is there are brands for under $100, which works pretty well.


Hopefully, this eases your worries somehow and gives you an idea of the gear you should be looking at when you’re starting that studio. Of course, every producer’s needs are different, so make sure you buy those essentials only that allows you to do your job to the best of your ability. Good luck on that musical journey!


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